Strategies for Prioritizing Changes Based on Multivariate Test Results

Jul 21, 2022 | Multivariate Testing

Strategies for Prioritizing Changes Based on Multivariate Test Results

In the world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Multivariate testing, also known as A/B testing, allows marketers to experiment with different variations of their website and determine which changes yield the best results. However, analyzing the data from multivariate tests can be overwhelming, especially when faced with multiple variables. In this article, we will explore strategies for effectively prioritizing changes based on multivariate test results.

1. Define your goals

Before diving into the data, it’s important to clearly define your goals. What are you trying to achieve with your website? Are you looking to increase conversions, improve user experience, or boost engagement? By aligning your goals with the data, you can prioritize changes that have the greatest impact on your desired outcomes.

2. Analyze statistical significance

When interpreting multivariate test results, it’s crucial to look for statistical significance. Statistical significance helps determine if the observed differences between variations are due to chance or if they are truly meaningful. Focus on changes that show statistically significant results, as they are more likely to have a significant impact on your website’s performance.

3. Consider the magnitude of impact

While statistical significance is important, it’s equally vital to consider the magnitude of impact. Some changes may show statistically significant results but have a negligible effect on your goals. Look for changes that not only reach statistical significance but also have a substantial impact on the metrics you care about.

4. Prioritize changes with the highest potential

Next, prioritize changes that have the highest potential for improvement. Consider the changes that have shown significant impact and determine which ones have the greatest potential to drive better results. For example, if a variation has consistently outperformed others across different metrics, it might be worth prioritizing those changes first.

5. Evaluate complexity and resources required

When prioritizing changes, it’s important to consider the complexity and resources required for implementation. Some changes may be easy to implement, while others may require significant development or design work. Assess the feasibility and resources needed for each change, as this can help you prioritize based on practicality and available resources.

6. Test one change at a time

To accurately measure the impact of each change, it’s essential to test one change at a time. By isolating variables, you can determine the true impact of each change without any confounding factors. This approach allows for a more accurate understanding of the individual contribution of each change and helps prioritize them accordingly.

7. Iterate and refine

Once you have implemented and tested changes based on your prioritization, it’s important to continuously iterate and refine your strategies. Multivariate testing is an ongoing process, and the results can provide valuable insights that inform future optimizations. Regularly review the data, make adjustments, and continue prioritizing changes based on the evolving needs of your website and business goals.


Prioritizing changes based on multivariate test results can be a complex task. However, by defining your goals, analyzing statistical significance, considering the magnitude of impact, prioritizing changes with high potential, evaluating complexity and resources required, testing one change at a time, and iterating based on results, you can make informed decisions that drive meaningful improvements to your website. Remember, multivariate testing is an ongoing process, so continuously monitor and refine your strategies to stay ahead in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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