Brands Beat Generics (SEOBook)

SEOBook‘s Aaron Wall discusses the difficulties that generic (unbranded) companies face when trying to compete against brands in mature markets, but also some of the challenges that brands face in the domain game. Read the full post at SEOBook.

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3rd Party Bid Management – 3 Benefits and 3 Challenges (Point It)

Point It‘s Lindsay Walker discusses the main benefits and challenges of using a bid management software: “Platforms help with bidding by making trade-offs across tens of thousands of keywords across multiple engines – Google/Bing/Gemini. They can also trade-off between paid search and other channels such as dynamic remarketing and shopping.” Read the full post at Point It.

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Facebook Launches VR images … from 1995 [Baekdal]

Thomas Baekdal puts Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook VR images into context and where it needs to go: “It’s not just that we already have VR videos, or that Google has long supported both 360 videos and 360 images, it’s that I have seen this long before that. All the way back in 1995… I give you Apple QuickTime VR, launched in 1995 at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.” Read the full article at

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