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Anatomy of the SERP

[SEO Manual Chapter 2g]   Experienced SEOs can skip this section, but search engine results pages (SERPs) determine the results of our SEO efforts. In this late-2011 version of a SERP for the query “health insurance agents”...

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How Search Engines Work

[SEO Manual Chapter 2d]     To deliver the relevant content people want, successful search engines basically follow a three-part process, much of it behind the scenes:   1. Web Crawling Search engines use web...

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Understanding Search Engines

[SEO Manual Chapter 2a]     To master search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to understand the history and nature of search engines – especially Google (which provides the bulk of web-wide search engine...

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The Benefits of SEO

[SEO Manual Part 1c]     So how does search engine optimization (SEO) stack up against the other marketing channels… especially paid (PPC/CPM) advertising? For successful web marketers and ecommerce businesses, that’s...

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