What is WYSIWYG?

The acronym WYSIWYG is short for “what you see is what you get” and pronounced as “wiz-ee-wig.” It refers to web content editing and website development systems that display the content as it would appear as a finished onscreen product.

Before the introduction of WYSIWYG , web developers and coders worked exclusively with the markup code. In order to view the product of their coding work, they would have to save the file and then view it through a web browser. WYSIWYG allowed web developers and coders to edit the file while seeing exactly what it would look like in a browser.

Many developers today, especially “hardcore” programmers, still prefer to edit in code, rather than in WYSIWYG.

Many website operators, especially digital marketers, rely on content management systems (CMSs) to add and edit content on the website. Many CMS platforms offer a partial or full WYSIWYG dashboard that allows operators to have a bit of a preview of their work.




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