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Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important element of online (or digital) marketing. But it is just one part of an effective online marketing strategy, and SEO must be understood in that context.

SEO is only one part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

SEO is only one part of a comprehensive online marketing program.


The above graph shows the most popular online marketing channel used by businesses today. As you can see, SEO is not even a primary level channel.

Rather, SEO is part of the larger search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, which also includes PPC and CPM advertising. In turn, SEM is only one channel available in a comprehensive online marketing program.

Each of these elements is powerful in its own right, but they are most effective and profitable when they work together. In fact, there is much overlap between these different elements, and the most successful online marketing operations will harness all of these channels.

It may help to look at these online marketing channels from a business process point of view:


1. Generate traffic

Many ecommerce companies rely primarily on PPC and SEO to drive traffic to their websites. Some may complement their SEM traffic-generation efforts with affiliate marketing and social media marketing.

2. Generate leads

Online marketers then need to turn those visitors into leads, prospects and sales. For that, they rely primarily on website optimization – making sure their websites are honed and tested for maximum conversions. Some also use affiliate marketing and email marketing in their lead-generation efforts.

3. Nurture leads

Not all leads result in an immediate sale, subscription or sign-up. Many companies rely on email marketing and social media marketing to nurture these unclosed leads into eventual closings.

4. Keep clients

Once a lead has turned into a customer, the challenge is to make that customer a long-term client. Again, many companies rely on email marketing and social media marketing to keep connected and engaged with their clients. In addition to potentially buying more products or services down the line, that client may refer even more prospects and customers.


The Standard Lead Generation Process

How many successful online companies generate leads

As you can see, SEO plays an important part of this process. But it is only one channel in an effective online marketing strategy. Without proper integration with the other elements, any SEO spend will never realize its full ROI (return on investment) potential.






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