Okay, I admit that any discussion of “best” WordPress plugin is somewhat subjective and strongly related to the needs of individual WordPress users.

But for anyone who has to manage multiple WordPress sites on multiple servers, I think I’ve just found the best WordPress plugin ever. This is an especially powerful tool for SEO professionals who rely on WordPress CMS for their own or clients’ sites.

Actually, it’s a combination of a plugin and cloud program provided by www.manageWP.com. For users with more serious security issues, there is also a downloadable version that you can run off your own server.

In a nutshell, www.manageWP.com is a multi-blog manager. It takes advantage of WordPress’ own structure to create a WordPress dashboard that connects blog managers with multiple blogs. By my rough preliminary estimate, our team will probably slash our time spent managing WordPress sites by 15% to 25%!

  • No more multiple logins. We no longer have to go and log into separate WordPress dashboards.
  • No more multiple passwords. Along with the preceding, we won’t have to keep track of the separate passwords we use for each WordPress account.
  • Faster plugin installs. We can now install or update plugins all at once, across multiple WordPress blogs — instead of having to do it for each blog.
  • Faster theme installs. Changing and updating themes is also easier. And although I recommend having separate themes on each WordPress site, if you do prefer to have the same theme across all of yours, you can do it all here.
  • Easier backups. ManageWP allows us to manually backup all of our accounts from one dashboard… or set automatic backups for each of them.
  • Migrating and closing sites. Want to move your WordPress blog to another domain, subdomain or folder? You can do it easily from the dashboard.
  • Easier link management. Looking for a convenient method for managing the links you have on your sites? This is where we’re really seeing some huge time savings.
  • Much more… I can go on and on with all the other features of ManageWP, but the best way to see what it can do for you is to check it out yourself.

Just to be perfectly clear, I’m not getting a dime from ManageWP to promote their dashboard. I wish I were. But it’s a free tool and so easy to use.

Now there are other blog management tools out there. I’m an especially big fan of the blog management tool being developed by Raven Tools for its SEO professional’s management suite. In addition to managing the links inside the blogs, Raven’s system also tracks the backlinks pointing to specific pages in your WordPress sites.

I do hope they take some cues from ManageWP, however, because I’m still having a difficult time working with Raven’s blog management tool. It’s just not as user friendly as ManageWP — for now.

It’s a mighty big claim for anyone to say that any plugin is the very best WordPress plugin ever. There are so many great WordPress plugins out there, which is a testimony to WordPress and its worldwide community of fans. I personally use a dozen plugins for almost all of my sites.

But for anyone who has to manage multiple WordPress sites, ManageWP just saves so much time and hassle that I can’t think of any other plugin that gives me so much value.