I literally have two dozen web hosting accounts on over a dozen different web hosting providers. That’s necessary to accommodate the dozens of clients I currently assist.

On the plus side, I’ve had to experience the pros and cons of various hosting services firsthand. Of all the web hosting accounts I work with, hands down, my favorite is IXwebhosting.com.

Their multi-domain hosting accounts are the best arround. They offer three (3) free domains with their Unlimited Pro accounts, which cost only $7.95 per month. For the money, I’ve yet to find anything else that offers so much value for hosting customers.

But from an SEO standpoint, perhaps the biggest advantage offered by this IX Web Hosting account is the fact that they provide 15 IP addresses with your account. Who else does that?

The importance of having different IP addresses is that you don’t share your website IP address with websites who may be undesirable. Plus, you need to have your own IP address in order to install SSL features, which are a must for online merchants. Other hosting services will charge you much more to get your own IP address. IX Web Hosting gives you 15 of them for your low-cost account.

My only complaint about IX Web Hosting is that they have ugliest-looking control panel. If you’re not very familiar with web hosting accounts or have someone who is, it may take a while to get used to their particular control panel. Still, that’s a small price to pay for the incredible value IX Web Hosting offers.

Check them out and see for yourself why they offer the best value on the market today.