What is AWStats?

Before the emergence of Google Analytics, many website owners and webmasters relied AWStats to monitor website traffic. In addition to being a useful tool for tracking website traffic, AWStats was an open source software that was available for all website owners.

AWStats is a web analytics tool that reviews and examines the server log files of the monitored website. It also presents its tracked data with tables and charts that even non-technical users find handy.

Website hosting servers typically maintain logs that record activities on the server. Log records could include hits, visitor IP addresses, referring URLs and all the website pages accessed by the visitor. Like other web analytics tools, AWStats takes the data recorded by the server logs to provide usable data sets, tables and charts.

The introduction of Google Analytics has provided website owners and webmasters with a more robust (but still open source) alternative to AWStats. Unlike AWStats, Google Analytics doesn’t rely on server logs, which is typically limited in the amount of data recorded and provided. Because it is able to collect much more data, Google Analytics is able to provide more metrics and reports than AWStats.


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