What is AvantLink?

The AvantLink network is an affiliate marketing network that connects affiliate merchants (that want to work with qualified affiliates) with affiliate marketers (that want to work with participating merchants).

For affiliate merchants, networks like AvantLink provides a large and growing pool of potential affiliates. This helps with two of the biggest challenges faced by merchants:

  • Recruiting affiliate marketers who can generate additional traffic, sales, sign-ups, calls or leads on a pay-per-performance basis.
  • Tracking and monitoring affiliate performance through dashboards provided by the affiliate network.

For affiliate marketers, networks like AvantLink provides a large collection of merchants open to participating with affiliates. Instead of having to search for and get set up with individual merchants, affiliates can sign up with several merchants through the network.

In addition, affiliate marketers can use the network’s dashboard to track the progress of their referrals to network merchants — as well as ensure that they get paid by the merchant.

Based in Park City, UT, AvantLink focuses on retail-oriented affiliate merchants with product catalogs and that pay on a cost-per-sale (CPS) basis. Click Here for the AvantLink Merchant Application!


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