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12 Ways to Incorporate A/B Testing into Marketing Automation (Firesnap)

Firesnap‘s Chad Carpenter shares a dozen tips for implementing more A/B testing into your marketing automation platform: “In real life, testing is never complete because even the best controls become ‘tired’ when your entire target market has seen them too often.” Read the full post at Firesnap.

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Facebook Launches VR images … from 1995 [Baekdal]

Thomas Baekdal puts Facebook’s recent launch of Facebook VR images into context and where it needs to go: “It’s not just that we already have VR videos, or that Google has long supported both 360 videos and 360 images, it’s that I have seen this long before that. All the way back in 1995… I give you Apple QuickTime VR, launched in 1995 at the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference.” Read the full article at

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